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But this love match together can act as each others strength and grow together as a very strong couple. A lot of peace, affection and patience is needed to get to such a stage in their relation together.

Both of them have to make equal offerings and surrender themselves to attain complete understanding of one another. The Cancer female gets pretty intrigued by the Leo male, who is very warm-hearted, unstinting and a charming person. He emits a vibe which cannot be resisted.

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The Leo man also finds the Cancer woman a beautiful, elegant and a trustworthy individual and connects well with her. Initially, these two zodiac star signs will form a great bond with a lot of interest. After some years, the scenario may change and inspite of a lot of love involved, he will try to dominate the relationship as is his character, with a lot of self-esteem and dignity, which may create a distance in the Leo man and Cancer woman love compatibility.


There may be differences in their opinions, but both of them, especially the Cancer woman will try to adjust and see if things between them can be sorted out for good. The Leo man is someone who holds a lot of pride, though he is kind and sensible in general, he likes things to work out his way. He will often drive the relationship with a bit of self-regard and compel her to work things out his way with a bit of dominance. This may upset the Cancer female who is quite moody in nature. Cancer zodiac may not appreciate this and henpeck him constantly to make him realise that she does not approve this kind of behavior, which may make the Leo man and Cancer woman compatibility loose its charm.

Though, eventually both of them will soon apprehend with one another and put an end to those things that the other does not like. This is when they will have a great understanding of one another and act accordingly. The physical relationship also witnesses a strange chemistry between them. The male Leo is affectionate, passionate and sensual in his love making and if the female Cancer is able to reciprocate with his feelings, she will also indulge herself emotionally and physically in the act of love making.

They may not achieve this right from the first go, but will take their own respective time to dwell into one another, making the Leo man compatibility with Cancer woman a victorious alliance. They may admire each others positive qualities that each exhibits and appreciate it to let each other know that they do care for one another. The Leo male has to see that he does not dominate her in the relationship that they share as it makes her repulsive, though in a gentle and soft manner.

The Cancer female should pamper him which he really likes, trusting him with a lot of care and compassion, making him a lot more calm and composed in his way of being. She is very tender, loving and simple in her approach and he is very kind, generous and affectionate which makes it a perfect combination of emotions and feelings for a relationship to exist. She will give her best to please him and he will try his level best to treat her in a benign manner without being aggressive that often.

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If cancer and leo comprehend with one another and try to give their best of themselves, the compatibility of Leo man and Cancer woman will turn out to be one of the most beautiful sun signs. Share on. Also, you may spend more on children's education and shall avoid involving in many investments and financing projects or acting greedily or impulsively.

Otherwise, you will suffer losses easily. If you are taking a part-time job or running a small business in spare time, you will get due income. Career During the year, you need to make more efforts in a certain period of time.

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Don't show off at work and the top priority will be doing your job well, so as to get recognition from your boss. Try to stay away from the gossipy colleagues, or you will get into unnecessary trouble. For you Rabbits in business, try to get more external aid. For example, you may use the interpersonal relationship to promote your products, which will be conducive to the wide spread of products and the growth in performance.

Love Relationship This year will be a good year for your love relationship. Your partner will forgive and tolerate you for the occasional bad mood in martial life. Take time to sit with your inner voice today to figure out who you want to be, as the world watches your professional ascent.

The moon is in fellow water sign Scorpio today, encouraging you to try something new. The moon is in your opposite sign Scorpio today, finding you reflecting on your relationships. A profound philosophical conversation takes place between you and your partners. An awkward situation gets smoothed over with the help of someone in the know. Balance of giving and receiving. The Harvest Moon holds the energy of gratitude and appreciation. This Full Moon in Pisces paired with the Harvest Moon is asking you to not only harbor a sense of gratitude, but to be selfless and to serve others.

If you are feeling in a dark place personally, you will need to step outside of yourself and your own situation. When we serve others, we take time and attention off of our own problems and shift our focus towards compassion and love. This cultivates feelings of appreciation and gratitude within ourselves and others we serve.

If you are having a hard time moving forward for yourself, help someone else this week. It will give you time off from your problems, help heighten your perspective, while cultivating a sense of unconditional love. The Full Moon in Pisces connects you to your higher purpose and the divine. It provides an even deeper connection and look into your intuition.

There will be a few moments when you may feel lost and confused, remember you have been through this before. Call upon your personal power instead of neglecting it. The answers lie within you. The Harvest Moon asks us to reflect on our journey and find all the paths of gratitude. In the cycle of creation, this is the opportune time to give back to keep the abundant energy cycling through your life. On the 18th of September, Saturn goes direct in Capricorn. You might feel a bit of a weight lift. If your work has felt slow these last few months, things will soon speed up for you as you stay disciplined and work towards your goal and intentions.

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This Full Moon is a great time to pair your intentions with the colorable mandala from the Tune to the Moon Planners! Each month we feature a new mandala to be colored in and paired with your intuition! Mandalas unlock our subconscious and help increase our focus and intuition! Paired on a night like the Full Moon, the potential can be powerful! The card pulled for this week is, Waxing Crescent, Support. As the moon begins to wane this week she is reminding you to reach out to your support system right now. Service has been a big theme this week… seek help if you need it, or offer it if you can give!

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In the moments of bleakness, connect to Gaia and your body. Feel the support beneath you and the unwavering solidarity of the Earth. Connect to your foundations of strong muscles and bones holding you upright. Your energy needs to be grounded this week. Take time to ground. Lean on your support system in times of need. Morganite would make a great crystal companion for the week ahead. Morganite is a Divine heart healer. It brings you compassion, helps you to forgive your past traumas and washes your whole aura in love.

The moon wanes to last quarter in the sign of Gemini on the 21st of September calling our energy and intuition back in. This is a time to preserve and reserve your energy. The Sun enters Libra on the 23rd which will highlight our awareness towards the harmony and balance of our relationships both romantic and personal. Libra strives for peace, harmony and understanding. The card pulled for this week is Waning Crescent, Rest. Energy levels are lower as the moon fades from the sky.

It is time to preserve your own energy and become more deliberate with your actions if you need to take right now. Your body is most likely telling you to slow down! Be aware of how much sleep and actual rest you are getting and what your body really needs right now. Give yourself permission to take a break. There are many forms of rest. What is draining your energy right now and how can you resolve this?

A great crystal companion for the week ahead is apophyllite.

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This high vibrational stone opens your crown chakra to the angelic and spiritual realms. Use apophyllite if you wish to connect to your angels and guides. A great meditation stone, this crystal helps relieve stress and anxiety. Apophyllite can help restore your faith and connect you to your highest self and purpose.